Cultural Tourism

Culture – such a broad concept that leads us to the study of places and ancient times, and tries to understand, from an educational perspective, how people live or lived, their ways, beliefs and artistic manifestations and finally – their cultural identity.


A more restricted concept is the concept of Cultural Tourism, and for their fans it is almost a way of being able to travel in space and time.


If Cultural Tourism is a kind of travel you relish, Rossitur will be happy to help you plan a trip to that magnificent city you may have in mind and taking to account what you want to deepen your cultural level, proposing visits to various cities and corners of the world, with a vast cultural heritage and landscape to unravel.

Em cumprimento da lei nº 144/2015 informamos que para a resolução de conflitos de consumo deve ser contactada a comissão arbitral do Turismo de Portugal